What can we do for

denture wearers?


  Bespoke dentures can transform lives, smiles, and confidence.

  It is possible to make dentures appear to be real and natural, and this can help to restore a person's smile and their unique character too.

Aesthetics & Vitality


  A satisfying appearance is essential, and this can be achieved in a variety of ways.

  The artificial teeth can be bright, youthful, and vibrant, or can be designed to be more age-appropriate by application of a variety of artistic effects. 


Comfort & Function


 It's important for every denture wearer to feel as comfortable as possible while wearing their artificial teeth. 

 Extensive techniques are used to attain the highest performance achievable for each situation.

Confidence & Character

  Smiling confidently is very  uplifting for any denture wearer. Prosthetic Privacy is a term sometimes used to describe the effect of not knowing a denture is present.

  Little features such as gaps, fillings, chips, or colours can be included to create some natural looking effects.

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Changes & challenges?

  Anyone who requires replacement teeth will experience some element of change.


  Our aim is to minimise these effects, and to support the wearer during their transition. 

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Karl Brown RDT, Dip CDT RCS (Eng)

(GDC 152492)

Dip Clin Dent Tech RCS Eng 2013
Qual- Final Certification in Dental Technology City & Guilds 1983

Dental Care Professional  titles;

Clinical Dental Technician
Dental Technician


   My career in dental technology started at The Royal Dental Hospital of London, Leicester Square, where I was fortunate to train alongside student dentists - this provided a valuable insight into the clinical processes for  the provision of dentures, and  has proved very valuable during my development as a dental technician, and now as a clinical dental technician.


   My training covered all aspects of dental technology, and after my time at this teaching hospital I pursued the craft of denture fabrication as my area of special interest.


   In recent yeas I have been fortunate to gain certification as a Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) via postgraduate training with The Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS) Deanery, allowing direct involvement with patients requiring denture treatment.


   My education and training has continued over the years to keep abreast of the continual evolution of dental technology. I am constantly striving to learn of new ideas and techniques that will bring benefits for my customers. This has involved many educational courses around the UK, Europe, and the USA, where the  new applications of high quality materials, equipment, and methods has been taught.

Seeking New Dentures ?

  Please telephone us, or send a message by Email or Text to arrange an initial consultation appointment

  If you have no teeth , retained roots, or implants, then we can commence treatment immediately for the provision of new dentures. 

  For patients with any number of teeth, roots,  or implants remaining, it is necessary for us to work with a dentist to confirm the oral health status and suitability for denture treatment.

  If you are not currently registered with a dentist, or are looking to re-register due to relocation or other reasons, we can assist you with finding a suitable local practice to carry out the necessary examinations - some patients may require essential treatment prior to the provision of dentures.

  After an initial examination, it will then be possible to look into the various treatment options that may be available.

  Every patient is a unique individual, with a unique smile and personality - we aim to ensure a bespoke solution that will maintain or restore the patient's unique identity.

The Clinical Journey

  Each course of treatment involves a series of appointments that will be arranged by mutual agreement.


  We listen carefully to our patients to help us fully understand their requirements, and to assist in dealing with any concerns.

  Anxious patients are welcome, we aim to maintain a calm, friendly, and relaxing atmosphere for a comfortable treatment journey.

  Improving confidence, appearance, and quality of life is important to us, and  our aim is to achieve positive outcomes for all our customers.

  We work with our colleagues across the dental team to deliver the quality care our patients desire, and refer out  to other dental professionals where required for successful outcomes.


Contact us to arrange a free, no obligation denture consultation.

 Tel:  07597 358 516





Full Dentures

   Our denture clinic is ideal for the restoration of jaws with no remaining natural dentition.

  Great care is taken to improve the patient's quality of life with these artificial teeth.

  Aiming to improve comfort, function, and  facial aesthetics when restoring the missing teeth and gums, these dentures can effectively restore confidence and self-esteem.

  Various modern materials and methods can be utilised to create a more natural and pleasing appearance.

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Special Dentures

  Situations occasionally require the fabrication of dentures with complex design features.

  Occasionally a denture may be made in combination with crowns or bridges, and performance is enhanced by the incorporation of special components or design features.

  These dentures may incorporate components such as implants and attachments, or have unique solutions to meet the requirements of some challenging situations.



Other Services


  Professional Cleaning

  Periodic cleaning with professional level equipment and materials can significantly improve the denture wearing experience.


  A denture may occasionally be improved by the addition of a new fitting surface after the dentures have become loose from gum changes or from wear of the plastic structures. This procedure can extend the life of the denture whilst the new permanent replacement is being designed and fabricated.


  When a denture is in need of repair or modification, it is important to have a thorough professional assessment of its condition to determine the reasons for failure, and to plan a suitable remedy where required.

  Appropriate advice will be offered with regard to the expected outcomes, and information about limitations of performance and durability.

Partial Dentures

  For jaws with remaining teeth, and single or multiple  gaps, and a great alternative to complex bridgework.

  These dentures are usually fabricated with metal frameworks made with a comfortable, slim, and lightweight silvery coloured Cobalt Chromium alloy.

  They may sometimes be manufactured as simple solutions, and without the metal frames.

  Attention is given to creating harmony within the oral environment, to discreetly replace the missing teeth.

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AED Dentures

  An AED Denture (Avoid Embarrassment Denture)   is simply an acrylic clone copy of a denture that may be used in emergency situations. They are not expected to perform to the same standards as the permanent dentures, and are intended to preserve the wearer's dignity and social confidence.

  These dentures help out when damage or loss occurs unexpectedly,  and are a valuable asset to have when taking holidays for example.

  Due to the complex nature of denture designs, it is not always possible to fabricate clone style AED's. Advice on the options that may be achievable for emergency situations will be provided if required.

Urgency Dentures


We recognise that occasionally there is an emergency situation, and a new denture may be required in a short timeframe; Dentures have been known to disappear in the sea while on holiday, be accidentally lost or broken beyond repair, or perhaps the family dog has chewed a denture.


  Patients sometimes require a service that  is outside of normal operating hours, this may be due to their working schedule, pressing engagements, or other influences.

  Over  the years we have helped many denture wearers recover from these situations; we understand that some professions require face to face contact, and that confidence with smiling and communication is essential.

Fee Information

Every denture is unique to the individual patient,  and may require a unique journey of  fabrication. We utilise a variety of high quality materials to achieve the desired results, and may also include additional  special order components.   

We have options for different budgets, please contact us for further details

Repairs:   from £48(min 24hr service)  (Emergency: from £72)

Relining: from £180    Additions: from £135

Please note that treatments are tailored for each patient, and therefore pricing of each prosthesis will vary according to the individual situation.

Fees and methods of payment are agreed at the start of treatment, together with options for instalments. It should also be noted that occasionally a treatment journey may involve some changes, and an existing agreement may then need to be modified accordingly

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